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Alton Central School

Bauen Corporation was the successful low bidder by only $7000 in this eventual $3.9 million dollar project. The project was completed on time despite the owner’s addition of $700,000 (22%) to the original scope of work valued at $3.2 million.

The project included a 3,820 SF administrative wing addition and a 10,140 SF classroom wing. A major parking area and drainage upgrade, providing sprinkler installing new fire alarm throughout the existing 85,000 SF school. Various sections also received upgrades to bathrooms, windows, light fixtures (LED), insulation and ventilation. Problems with the town’s water system necessitated the late in the project addition of a 22,500 gallon cistern, fire pump, and pump house to supply the newly installed sprinkler system.

The project provided many improvements to the

School and students were able to start per the SAU’s

scheduled date in August.

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