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Huggins Hospital

Moultonborough Corner Office

Phase I & II

Phase I

Moultonborough Family Medicine is housed in an addition to the Glidden House in Moultonborough Center. The addition has wood clapboards and a wood shingled roof to match existing conditions. Due to elevation differences, a bridged walkway was constructed to gain access to the building form the parking lot.

A perennial garden and seating area surround the front of the building. Three exam rooms, a lab, and office support areas round out the interior space.

Phase II

With the growth of the practice over the past several years, a 900 square foot wood-framed addition was added, along with extensive renovations to the existing building. Four new exam rooms and a three person providers office were added. Renovations to the existing lab, nurses station and reception area provided better patient flow into the new addition.

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