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Carpenter Elementary School


The Carpenter Elementary School was a fast-track project. Almost the entire school was to be renovated without any additional new space added. To accomplish this, the major demolition had to be completed during the summer vacation. Most of the walls within the demolition area were metal lath and plaster. These are one of the most difficult and dusty wall systems to remove.

Once school started in September, our job superintendent and the school staff had to work very closely to co-ordinate the construction work with school activities. In most cases, entire classrooms were switched back and forth during the project. We also had to work closely with the building inspector and fire department to maintain adequate fire exits.

The mechanical scope of work included new heating loops and much needed ventilation for the classrooms. Almost all the light fixtures were replaced, along with a new fire alarm panel.

The balance of the project consisted of new floor coverings, refinishing hardwood floors, paint, ceilings, and new classroom and library casework.

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