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Andre Kloetz

Andre is one of Bauens three principals and serves as the corporate president and treasurer as well as in his everyday office position as one of the companys project managers/estimators/salespersons. He helped start the company in 1991 and has worked in the construction industry since 1976.

Andre is a graduate of SUNYs College of Environmental Science and Forestry and Syracuse University from which he received Associate and Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering. He has served as a call firefighter in the Town of Meredith for the past 34 years, the last 24 as deputy chief.

Along with Paula, his wife of many years, Andre enjoys spending time outdoors on their farm which they share

with their dogs, chickens, Scotch Highland cattle, and a variety of New Hampshires indigenous wildlife species. Paula loves to grow a variety of vegetables and berries in her extensive gardens. Andre is in the process of conquering the states many 4,000 foot peaks and hopes his body parts hold out long enough to accomplish this task. Hunting and fishing is another one of his passions and when fall comes, he is known to sneak into the woods in pursuit of feather and fur whenever time allows. Andre is very grateful that his children have all settled within the state and that he gets to spend so much time with them and his seven grandchildren. They definitely help keep him active and in shape.

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