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About Bauen Corporation

Bauen Corporation was incorporated June 12, 1991, as a construction management firm specializing in commercial, institutional, and municipal projects. The Corporation was created under the premise of an established group of professionals providing superior quality project management and supervision to a select client base of companies and individuals with the ultimate goal being the creation of long lasting business relationships with these clients.

The three owners of the company are Andre Kloetz, Adam Downs, and Jeff Parks. All are salaried officers of the company and are extensively involved in the daily operations at Bauen. Jeff, Adam, and Andre bring to the company a combined total of over 100 years of construction expertise in fieldwork, supervision, project management and corporate level management.

Bauen has been in business for twenty eight years, and most of its employees have been with the company for its entire history. Its eight project managers / superintendents are all veteran professionals with extensive resumes and construction experience. With construction experience averaging 30 years per person, our staff has the background knowledge to offer our clients top level management with the personalized flair and attention found only in smaller companies. And, because we are smaller, our customers get more personalized attention and service from our company.

Bauen's decision to concentrate on construction management stems from our belief that this method of building promotes the most complete utilization of the team approach in construction. Early involvement with an owner and architect allows us to contribute our expertise at a point where it can do the most good in the development of a project. Our basic philosophy of making our clients' projects an enjoyable experience for them is best achieved when we're included as part of their initial design team. We feel the "open book" concept of our construction management contracts promotes a spirit of trust and teamwork that is essential to a successful project.

Bauens first three decades have been very successful, and we've been able to establish a solid reputation for our company. We are saddled with no debt, have a solid financial base, and maintain a very low overhead structure. These factors allow us to offer our experienced and energetic staff to clients at extremely competitive fee arrangements. Because we have remained small and due to the experience of our staff, our clients are always assured of receiving a top-level management team for their project.

As a pure Construction Management firm, we subcontract all our work and perform only small miscellaneous labor functions with our own staff.

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