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About Bauen Corporation

Bauen Corporation was incorporated in 1991 by a group of individuals with considerable construction experience and a vision. They wanted to establish a commercial construction management company which would be perceived by its clients as a highly professional and knowledgeable organization, as well as, a friendy and personable group of individuals which were a pleasure to deal with job after job. We made the decision to remain relatively small so the owners could always remain in touch with the various projects with which Bauen Corporation was involved. Our size and the efficient manner in which we conduct business have allowed us to keep our overhead low and our pricing highly competitive.

Over the years, Bauen Corporation has strived to provide its staff with opportunities to enjoy their lives outside of work and reward them for their hard work and loyalty. They have in turn consistently provided our clients with the type of care and service that we as the companys principals envisioned when we founded the company. All our employees are family-oriented individuals with strong ties to their communities. They take great pleasure in being part of the commercial construction industry and strive to make the building projects they're involved with an enjoyable experience for our clients.

Our preferred method of contracting is Construction Management although we have also successfully completed numerous projects under the General Contractor or Design/Build format. Whenever possible, we encourage the utilization of Construction Management, as we feel this method of project delivery provides many advantages and few drawbacks to our clients. It allows for early involvement by all the team members of a project and provides opportunities for each to contribute their expertise when it can do the most to control project cost and quality. It also provides good checks and balances for a projects owner which is important as well. We feel that the open book concept of our construction management contracts promotes a spirit of trust and teamwork that is essential to a successful project.

As we celebrate our twenty-ninth year of service to our clients, we encourage you to explore our website and contact us to discuss your upcoming projects building needs. We can also help with preliminary planning and local board applications if necessary. Let us demonstrate to you how our team of experienced and hard working professionals can help make your project a successful and enjoyable event for you.

Andre Kloetz, Adam Downs, Jeff Parks

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